This “application” is a creative work covered by copyright law. The application, as well as all of the comprising elements, is the exclusive property of APPLE and SURGERY FORUM under the terms and conditions established by said entities. The purchase of this application grants no property rights of any kind to the content. Any full or partial reproduction or representation of the application content or any of the comprising elements or their modification is totally prohibited. The trademarks and domain names that appear in this application are the exclusive property of their legitimate owners. Any reproduction or use of these trademarks or domain names, without prejudice to the form or intent, is totally prohibited. The exhibition and/or dissemination of the content of this application for lucrative or onerous purposes and through any means that currently exists or may be created in the future without the prior, express and written consent of the copyright owners is totally prohibited.

Terms and conditions for the purchase and use of the Application

1.- Legal information and acceptance

Welcome to SURGERY FORUM. Accessing and using as well as purchasing the SURGERY FORUM application presupposes the reading, acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. They regulate the rights and obligations deriving from the purchase and use of the application. Purchasing the application implies the acceptance of all of the conditions outlined herein. The user must carefully read this “Legal Document” as it is considered “a binding contract between the parties”.

2.- Characteristics of the User

SURGERY FORUM is exclusively offered for sale to end users who are private individuals of legal age or legal entities with full capacity to act which operate within the scope of medical science and those who, due to their education or intellectual interest, need to expand their medical-scientific knowledge exclusively for training, educational and/or cultural purposes. Anyone with commercial, business or for-profit aims in any context is excluded. If you do not fall within this “group”, please abstain from purchasing this application.

The legitimate owners of SURGERY FORUM reserve the right not to fulfill orders from users who do not comply with the above.

3.- The Application and Content

SURGERY FORUM is an application with medical-scientific content that has been scrupulously selected by renowned surgeons and experts in medical science. This content is developed by means of a videographic documental series of unquestionable excellence, selections of fixed images, explanatory texts and other tools which, as a whole, comprise a knowledge and training portal of enormous academic and practical value. In addition, it contains tools such as “SURGERY FORUM” which are available to the user and are determinant and exclusive features of this application. In any case, the legitimate owners of SURGERY FORUM reserve the right to decide what content is offered through this application at any given time. In particular, SURGERY FORUM may add or eliminate content and tools in the application at any time.

3.1.- Notice Regarding Content

The SURGERY FORUM content is medical-scientific with an emphasis on audiovisual files showing surgical operations of great specialty and risk which, due to their essence, may be considered sensitive to users who are not in our professional environment. The owners of SURGERY FORUM have adopted all measures within their reach to prevent the publishing of content that describes or represents physically or psychologically violent scenes or situations or those that, in accordance with the sensitivity of SURGERY FORUM users may be considered harmful to civic convictions, human rights or the dignity of people in any of its forms or expressions.

The owners of SURGERY FORUM do not guarantee that the content in this application is appropriate or legal in all countries of the world. Therefore, if said content is considered illicit or illegal in some country, we ask that you avoid purchasing this application. If you decide to enter the application anyway, we hereby inform you that you will be considered solely, exclusively and fully liable for using this application.

Users are fully liable for their conduct upon purchasing the application as well as after having purchased it. Therefore, the users are the sole parties liable to the owners of SURGERY FORUM for the consequences that may derive from using any content in the application prepared by the owners of SURGERY FORUM or a third party and officially or non-officially published under its name for purposes or effects that are illicit or contrary to this document.

4.- Exclusion of Liability

The owners of SURGERY FORUM are not liable for the actions or decisions a user may take based on the information contained in the application. Given the purpose of the application and the user profile described in section 2 of this document, the consequences of putting into practice any scientific-medical method, technical specification or professional tool with third parties based fully or partially on the information and documentation developed in the Application content will, in all cases, be the exclusive responsibility of the user. The user hereby expressly releases SURGERY FORUM officials or any of its professional collaborators or specialists who intervene in the creation and development of the application (Active Agents) of any liability deriving from the user’s own actions; expressly and irrevocably waiving the right to take any action in any order or instance against the aforementioned SURGERY FORUM officials.

5.- Right of Disposition and Decision related to User Queries

Given that the application SURGERY FORUM contains a direct user query section, the user expressly accepts the right of SURGERY FORUM to fully or partially refuse to undertake the query made whenever there is a clear break between the query and the object of the “application” in accordance with the provisions of section “2” of this document. In any case, given the natural limit of knowledge of the SURGERY FORUM “Active Agents”, it is not bound in any way to satisfactorily undertake each and every one of the queries made.

Responses to queries addressed to SURGERY FORUM are “solely and exclusively” instructive in nature or “opinions” and may not be understood in any way as binding or taken as “methodologies or practices” which, in the event of errors in their implementation by the user, may in any way lead to a liability on the part of the SURGERY FORUM “Active Agents”.

6.- Security Measures

The owners of SURGERY FORUM ensure the absolute confidentiality and privacy of the personal data that may be collected on purchasers and for this reason, have adopted essential security measures to prevent the unauthorized alteration, loss, processing or access and guarantee their integrity and security especially as provided for in Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, which approves the Implementing Regulations of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on personal data protection.