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Surgery Forum is an application exclusively designed for iPhone and iPad, which provides an outstanding interactive visual surgery guide and an innovative approach to medical training and knowledge sharing.

Its main purpose is to bring medical students, junior doctors and general surgery practitioners closer to Madrid Norte Sanchinarro Hospital and “Clara Campal” Oncological Center, a health-care institution where professional independence has led to excellence in patient care and continuous innovation. This approach is based on the most current and universal education tool existing today: the Internet.

Surgery Forum shows clinical cases and videos of unusual and often exceptional surgical techniques. Techniques performed by open, laparoscopic or robotic approach for the treatment of complex medical situations, all of them previously presented in the most important scientific forums of the world. The application provides clear and valuable information for medical practitioners and students.

Our challenge is to actively contribute to the training of surgical specialists by sharing our practical experience through audiovisual means and facilitating communication between professionals, using the latest technology to break the barriers of time and space.

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